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The Programmable Min/Max Casino Messaging Sign Software

     The NetSign Software was designed for the Min/Max Sign that runs on any Windows OS. You can create a custom floor layout for each of your pits, allowing for easy identification of table locations and values.  As you place your mouse pointer over each table you are presented with information about that table including the Minimum Bet, Maximum Bet, *Scrolling Advertising and a Table Status.  Clicking on a table presents you with the option to change any value for that table.

     Each table can be changed independently from all the other tables.  As you click on the Illuminated words {Clicking on the word ** RESERVED like the Example above changes the table status} a option box presents you with all the possible choices for that option [Reserved, Smoking, Non-Smoking, Table Open, or any custom wording you require.  The software was designed with an extremely easy user interface, to greatly reduce training time.  About five minuets is all you'll need to learn the system.

     The final step of the software allows you to customize when you want the change to take effect.  Change it Now or change it in X number of minuets or change it at a specific time like 11:00pm.  You also have the option to Display a scrolling message, and have the Minimum Flash, telling the players that this table is going to change to a new value.  You specify the amount of warning for the sign.


That's It!  You Now Know How To Change The Sign Values.

How Do I Create My Own Table Layouts?

     *An Independent study was done by the Lehigh Valley University Product Development Teams. In this study two separate teams found that money generated form the scrolling advertising of each sign, that runs every hour the casino is open could pay for the cost of the sign, installation and generate an additional income.

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