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Pai Gow Tiles Program

Additional Features

PGTPcan eliminate down time! Has your game been down for a hour or more because a player is disputing the way the house laid the tiles. With PGTP the game is back in business with no delay!

PGTP’s built in tile comparison option button will compare the dealers tiles against a player or bankers tiles and correctly determine the outcome. The program visually shows a clear winner or push.

PGTPis a great training tool! The program will randomly pick four tiles letting the student determine the outcome and allowing them to check him/her self against the program's results. PGTPwill consistently place the tiles in the proper order.

PGTP can reduce you training expense. Employee's don't need extensive training if their not dealing the game. Basic knowledge of how the game is played with the assistance of the PGTP is all they need.

     Copies in the hands of both your floor people and your security surveillance team keep the game as honest as possible.  Remember, PGTP will always place the tiles in their proper order. This program guarantees it!

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